Duo Diorama
MingHuan Xu, Violin
Winston Choi, Piano

Perperikon was commissioned by Duo Diorama with funding provided by a Roosevelt University Faculty Improvement Leave. Perperikon is an ancient Thracian city in the East Rhodope Mountains of Bulgaria. The site sits on a rocky hilltop 1500 feet above the surrounding terrain. Traces of human civilization discovered at Perperikon date to the late Neolithic Period (6th-5th millennium BC). It is the largest megalithic archeological site in the Balkans. While no folk tunes are used in this work, the four-movement piece is evocative of the sights and sounds the composer experienced during his travels to Perperikon and other areas in the Balkans.


Perperikon. Kardzhali Province, Bulgaria. Copyright ©2016 Stuart Folse.